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Mod: So I thought I would post the art that went into the new icon, but also I wanted to take this chance to ask a few questions. First off, could you guys please send asks into my ask box? It really lets me know you guys are involved and I would really appreciate it, it would really mean quite a bit. Also, I am thinking about attaching a Patreon to this account and I was wondering if you all would support that? If you think it is a neat idea?

(Mod: Jeez, sorry it has been taking me so long lately guys, I just have been really tired the last few months, I will try to do better though.)

"Besides it was hardly baseless. Listen Wallflower if things end up going South with this one, I would be happy to teach you what I can." 

(Ah I hope it is okay I got involved, this was a quick sketch up, but yeah.)


( Mod: Follow up to make up a little for my falling short on the other one. Also trying the new cutie mark out, the pie with the heart was the most popular. Also, no slime cause I assumed it disappeared along with the vines.)

Dream let out a yell as she felt her tail suddenly yanked hard into the air causing her to lose her footing. She clings desperately to the chainsaw as she is pulled into the air by one of the enchanted vines by her tail. A searing pain traveled through her spine as she is shaken around, many vertebrae popping, and her tail feeling like millions of pins being driven into her skin as hair began to pull loose. She grits her teeth and with one last swing of strength, she bends at the abdomen as slashes out at the vine, wildly, with the saw. Suddenly a new pain sears through her as she is dropped to the ground, landing squarely on her back, cyan and orange hairs floated in the air as more green plant slime sprayed across her, and her lawn. Laying, there gasping for breath, she looks up at the encroaching vines knowing that at this point, there was nothing more she could do “Luna… guide my spirit…” she whispers as she winces awaiting the end.

There is a bright flash of rainbow light, that almost blinded her through closed lids, causing her to open her eyes in shock as the plants disintegrated in front of her, the sky cleared and the world once again became as normal as it could be. Dream sighs heavily and slowly rolls to her side with a barely contained sob, counting her lucky stars that the threat was gone, and that she had gotten away in one piece. 

( Mod: Text heavy post, because I really couldn’t pull myself together to finish this update, I’m sorry I’ll try not to be such a shitlord next update. Sorry I update so rarely but I will try to get better.)


Mod: So remember when I mentioned I might change Dream’s cutie mark? (like a redesign not something story related) Here are some ideas, the main thing is about her current one is that she is more homestyle, comfort food oriented, and the current fancy cupcake doesn’t really represent that. So, which do you like? Any ideas of your own?

(Maybe this combo?)

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( *attempts to work on update, colors fanart instead* So the wonderful Stellar drew this for me and sent it to me a bit ago ad I ended up really needing to color it, so here it is, the update is in in the works I just am trying to figure out some things)

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"Join me for a dip?"

( Nude version on my mod blog if you wanna see it, I am just fooling around with styles, actual update soon.)

(Mod: Ahhhh Valentines with the two main ships of this blog… I might draw the other three later but for now here are these, keep an eye out for a cookie tutorial soon. Love you all, muah muah muah. Who do you ship on this blog?)

Mod: Well I decided to better flesh out/ redesign the ponies that represent my/Dream’s family. My sister was drawn as a unicorn up till now but she decided to be a pegasus, also my stepdad has been changed to a pegasus as well. So here is the layout:

Chiming Breeze or Breezie for short: Mother of Dream, Romy and Powder, works as a massage therapist, has a wind chime cutiemark representing still making the best of it even if there is a gale around you.

Pensive: Dream’s Stepfather and Romy’s father, cutie mark is an ornate mirror with a ripple in it, shows his ability to make others look at and evaluate themselves.He is a jack of all trades, but teaches skiing/snowboarding in the winter.

Roaming Brambles or Romy: Dream’s youngest sibling (12 years younger), she has no cutie mark yet but enjoys snow sports, gymnastics and ballet. Is proving to be quite promising at ballet. 

Fresh Powder: Dream’s younger brother (by almost 4 years) his cutie mark is a skull (I simplified it to the way my friend clickingandclacking/ spectrum draws them) with crossed ski poles. His talent is down hill racing and stunt skiing, and continuously getting back up there and trying new dangerous tricks despite breaking some bones.

Flash Burst: Powder’s and Dream’s father. He is a wild land fire fighter (hot shot) by trade but does construction in the winter. He keeps his mane short and tail wrapped to reduce the possibility of catching fire, also hair under helmets is uncomfortable. His cutiemark represents his deep understanding of fire sciences and behavior. (you can really tell who Dream gets her looks from)

(Everfree vines part 1: Tune in next time for the thrilling conclusion)


Mod: Thank you, thank you so much, I woke up this morning and my inbox was over flowing with wishes of luck and my email was full of notifications of donation. Thank you, thank you all so very much. Tumblrpon has just been the most generous group of people to me and I have made so many friends here so thank you again, these are tears of happiness. My surgery date is January 16th and I look forward to coming back after and recovering while talking to you all. Please feel free to message me on my mod blog.


(Happy Holidays my Loves, I hope you had a good one. Have a Dream-deer)


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