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Victor slowly paced the floor near the door of the hospital chamber.‭  ‬Despite the cold,‭ ‬stark tiles on the floor he did not make a sound as he trod slowly back and forth,‭ ‬his sharp teeth working at his lower lip.‭  ‬The steady beep of the machinery was beginning to make his head throb and the strong chemical smell of the cleaners began to sting his nose.‭  ‬He was becoming more and more on edge as he waited for the two sisters to complete their task.‭  ‬He stood to one side as Princess Luna finished her preparations,‭ ‬and then asked‭ ‬him and her sister to leave them alone.

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It needed a bit more stuffing… but other than that, it was delicious~

I promise to do better next time my liege!