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"Join me for a dip?"

( Nude version on my mod blog if you wanna see it, I am just fooling around with styles, actual update soon.)


( So this was going to be the first panel of the Halloween update but I decided to do something else. I liked this enough to upload it. Dream running with Dinky (of ask-ditzy-and-dinky) and Dream’s little sister Roaming Brambles or “Romy” for short. The real update should be up in a few hours) 

(2/2 I know so very exciting right?)

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(1/2 part two up when I am done with it)

(Tapis Rougue and Seville my idea for Snail’s Mom and Snips’ Dad.)


( I had one of those moments where I dislike older art so I re-did my reference sheet (again) a couple weeks ago, now I am posting it. I should update soonish, sorta been caught up in commissions and job applications. Enjoy. Also the sheet layout was made by Ugly Pony.)



happy birthday dream!

I didn’t know what to draw oops

(Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! Thank you!! That is what I was trying to explain in my other update about feeling the magic but not being able to use it!!! Ahhhh!! I should be in bed! THANK YOU GATO-SAMA-SAN-SEMPAI! *big sloppy kiss*)


Ditzy: Happy Birthday Dream.

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"Thank you, I love it."

(Seriously this is ridiculously precious and giving me all the squees) 


A shout out to the August Foals!!!! Both my little brother and I were born in August on the 3rd and 8th respectively. If your birthday is this month, I hope you have a great one. 


"I can feel the magic coursing by, but cannot tap into it. I forgot how vital it was to me." 

(Mod: Well Dream may be healing, and her horn may be coming back but she is not fully there. She can feel the lei lines under her home and it is torture. Like a pegasus without it’s wings Dream is fragile and lost without her magic. She has been pushing herself to finish preparing the bakery but when there are quiet moments, she can’t get away from the thoughts of the possibility of never healing. 

Now an aside: Please send in some asks, the box is a little low. Actual updates coming soon, there should be 2 more before I do the job interview thing, I just felt like drawing sad Dream, just one of those moods.)

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"I suppose it was used to intimidate as well back then, but really I never saw myself as threatening…" 

(Featuring Mord and Ditzy.)


Some sandwiches with friends on such a lovely day. ^^ 

(Some more from when Dream visited Crow. I will try to update next week) 

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Shopping for the Shop


Victor smiled softly as he gazed at the home/cafe of Dream Baker.  She really had gotten a lot done in an amazingly short amount of time.  The floors were all swept clean, the windows and door had been repaired, and everything had the distinct smell of a fresh coat of paint.  Chuckling quietly to himself, he lifted a hoof to knock lightly on the door.

Dream came trotting from around the house at the sound of the knock, wearing a large straw hat with a blue ribbon as the band. She was carrying a pair of clippers in her mouth and had a garden bag slung across her back.

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(You guys should read this! Mord and Dream go to get supplies for the bakery)

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( A long over due response to THIS pssst it’s transparent.) 

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"Though Scruple… my offer of friendship still stands." 

(Yeah so this takes place a couple weeks later so the fur has grown over the scar.Also I really want some Pokemon bath toys. ) 

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I’d love to be a hero like Maredowell!

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"How many times Ditzy? How many times have we talked about you stealing my panties? This is my favorite pair."

Having a mare friend obsessed with panties is hard sometimes. 

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