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"Besides it was hardly baseless. Listen Wallflower if things end up going South with this one, I would be happy to teach you what I can." 

(Ah I hope it is okay I got involved, this was a quick sketch up, but yeah.)

Dream let out a yell as she felt her tail suddenly yanked hard into the air causing her to lose her footing. She clings desperately to the chainsaw as she is pulled into the air by one of the enchanted vines by her tail. A searing pain traveled through her spine as she is shaken around, many vertebrae popping, and her tail feeling like millions of pins being driven into her skin as hair began to pull loose. She grits her teeth and with one last swing of strength, she bends at the abdomen as slashes out at the vine, wildly, with the saw. Suddenly a new pain sears through her as she is dropped to the ground, landing squarely on her back, cyan and orange hairs floated in the air as more green plant slime sprayed across her, and her lawn. Laying, there gasping for breath, she looks up at the encroaching vines knowing that at this point, there was nothing more she could do “Luna… guide my spirit…” she whispers as she winces awaiting the end.

There is a bright flash of rainbow light, that almost blinded her through closed lids, causing her to open her eyes in shock as the plants disintegrated in front of her, the sky cleared and the world once again became as normal as it could be. Dream sighs heavily and slowly rolls to her side with a barely contained sob, counting her lucky stars that the threat was gone, and that she had gotten away in one piece. 

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"Join me for a dip?"

( Nude version on my mod blog if you wanna see it, I am just fooling around with styles, actual update soon.)

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Such a horrifying Nightmare

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( So this was going to be the first panel of the Halloween update but I decided to do something else. I liked this enough to upload it. Dream running with Dinky (of ask-ditzy-and-dinky) and Dream’s little sister Roaming Brambles or “Romy” for short. The real update should be up in a few hours) 

(2/2 I know so very exciting right?)

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(1/2 part two up when I am done with it)

(Tapis Rougue and Seville my idea for Snail’s Mom and Snips’ Dad.)


"Well I am trying to find out if my friends are going to have a party and if they do I will probably reuse my old Hunter costume from 3 years ago."

"YOU RUN CAKES BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE!!! Oh such a lovely dream.. 

(I got the vector here  and I haven’t watched any of the show… all I know about it is memes and what my friends reblogg, I will watch it eventually. Also I am working on a bigger update but here have a silly small one. Love you guys :3 )


( I had one of those moments where I dislike older art so I re-did my reference sheet (again) a couple weeks ago, now I am posting it. I should update soonish, sorta been caught up in commissions and job applications. Enjoy. Also the sheet layout was made by Ugly Pony.)