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Mod: Thank you, thank you so much, I woke up this morning and my inbox was over flowing with wishes of luck and my email was full of notifications of donation. Thank you, thank you all so very much. Tumblrpon has just been the most generous group of people to me and I have made so many friends here so thank you again, these are tears of happiness. My surgery date is January 16th and I look forward to coming back after and recovering while talking to you all. Please feel free to message me on my mod blog.

Thank you for 1000+ !!!!

( Ahhhhhhh!!! You guys! seriously! So amazing! I love you all, this absolutely blew my mind! Thank you and update coming soon, once I finish some commissions. I can’t believe I got 100 of you in a few days.) 


Thank you everyone who helped me these last few months.. and those who continue to help me when I hit my pockets of emotion. Those drawn are not the only ones who helped me, just ones who sent me messages. Thank you everyone. 

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