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Such a horrifying Nightmare

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"Well I am trying to find out if my friends are going to have a party and if they do I will probably reuse my old Hunter costume from 3 years ago."

"I can finally go home?!?!"

"Yes, Miss Spice, looks like it is scabbing up well, and you have been doing your muscle work enough to be able to walk."

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(Looks like JB gets the last visit in before Dream’s discharge.) 

I would like to have foals of my own one day but Dinky is almost like a daughter to me. I am so glad to be awake again. 

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Broken: “Even if you won this time, I will always be a part of you. You know that not all I showed you was false.” 

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(Thank you Kat for the Nasa brushes! Featuring Kur and Quill. ) 

Broken: "You only fear them being monsters because if they are… they will have to leave you alone.. and that is what you fear the most, being alone… and forgotten. What you fail to realize, is that you are always alone, and have already been forgotten."

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