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This was really difficult to answer I must admit. I’d never heard of such a relationship. I see nothing wrong with it though if your friends seems to know and understand what is going.

"A big heart can be painful."

(I tried to do the crayon style to match. Also suchacuteblogomgwtfbbq)

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"I am going to need a lot of flour……" 

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"It is too cold here for this uniform… also I graduated like 5 years ago…"

I saw quite a few doing Drunk Celestia’s Tumblrpon High so I thought i would draw it up as a warm up. 

Check out my friend Quill’s submission Here

Yes.. I wore black Punisher sweatshirts and black berets in high school. 

Next story update coming soon. 

"You look wiped out… I am sorry I worried you so much."

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(Ponies kissing is difficult to draw!!! This is the first time Ditzy and Dream have been shown kissing on here, the previous was the first time Mord and Dream have been drawn kissing. Pretty interesting.) 




Victor sighs as he sits in the dark beside Dream’s bed.  He checks the bandages wrapped around her head for what seems to be the hundredth time in the past twenty minutes.  He silently wishes that he could have helped her on his own, but he knows so little about magic.

Glancing over at the PTCD (Portable Transdimensional Communication Device) sitting on the nightstand, he sighs and steps out of the room for a breath of air.  He pauses a moment, hearing the two alicorn princesses having yet another heated argument in a room nearby.  He would be glad when this whole thing was over with.

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Dream couldn’t come to the party, so we brought the party to her. Happy Heart’s Warming everypony!

(You can also DL this is a full sized wallpaper from my Deviant Art page)

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Days become weeks, weeks become months.

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"I promise.. I will try to wake up soon." 


Ditzy: I don’t know, but I promise we’ll come see her everyday until she gets better.
Dinky: I’d like that.

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((Meanwhile outside, Dinky had a mini-adventure)) 



Victor slowly paced the floor near the door of the hospital chamber.‭  ‬Despite the cold,‭ ‬stark tiles on the floor he did not make a sound as he trod slowly back and forth,‭ ‬his sharp teeth working at his lower lip.‭  ‬The steady beep of the machinery was beginning to make his head throb and the strong chemical smell of the cleaners began to sting his nose.‭  ‬He was becoming more and more on edge as he waited for the two sisters to complete their task.‭  ‬He stood to one side as Princess Luna finished her preparations,‭ ‬and then asked‭ ‬him and her sister to leave them alone.

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"Growing up, my father was always gone, and when he was home he was almost always drunk. My mother was in a marriage with a husband who always disappeared and had many of her own issues to deal with so… she forgot about me I suppose. I was in a bad situation but my mom always told me that she couldn’t deal with me… that no one likes me when I am emotional, that life wasn’t that bad. At school I was picked on till I learned to bottle it all up… because no one likes someone who cries or who is angry all the time.. I bottled them all up so deep inside me that sometimes… I would over flow and then those who I called friends would make fun of me. When I first began self mutilating I was called an attention whore for cutting even though I tried to hide the marks, the marks of me punishing myself for having any negative emotion, so I started to hide my cries for help even more. No one seemed to care about me, unless I was manic, but I am so afraid of being alone… that I don’t want anyone to think poorly of me… for crying."

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"Were you digging through my closet???" 

((I had an outfit like this minus the head band when I was a teenager… don’t judge me.)) 

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