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Sorry I haven’t really been around but I recently got a job at Sweet Apple Acres, they needed some extra help around getting the farm ready for apple bucking. I mostly help Big Mac with pruning, stump pulling, and plowing. He is very kind despite being so silent, when he first hired me he was a bit nervous because Granny Smith doesn’t like magic being used on the farm special exceptions only for Twilight Sparkle. I promised I wouldn’t do any magic though so they keep me about as a work horse. It is nice to be around a pony taller than me makes me feel less freakish. 

The work is really tiring but I hope to get used to it enough to be able to still stay up and talk to all you lovely ponies. 

( This was also sorta done to show Dream’s size in comparison to Big Mac, she is almost as tall as him. I am also really tired lately which is why I haven’t been updating as much, that and I don’t have many questions in my box that don’t involve a long story, so I have been a little tuckered out lately. Also commissions are still open.)