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Victor sighed softly, slowly opening his eye.  Shaking his head a bit, his limp, lifeless mane fluffed out nicely as he patted around in the bed with his hoof, trying to find his eyepatch.  He chuckled softly to himself as he found it and slipped it into place above the knot of thick scar tissue that rested where his right eye used to be.

He sniffed at the air and smiled softly.  It was very early in the morning, yet he could smell Dream Baker cooking breakfast below.  He drew on his lab vest and headed downstairs.

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( Part 7 of the ongoing story line spanning 3 blogs ) 

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Some much needed comfort.


Victor let out a low moan, tortured in body and mind.  He had over exerted himself physically, forcing himself to shape shift more than he should.  Also, in spite of his exhaustion he had run all the way from Canterlot to his own home deep in the Everfree, racing the dawning sun.

It was Jeeves that had carried him back into the castle, the huge, clanking, metallic monstrosity of a protector that Victor had created.  It set him in the bed, staring at him wordlessly for a moment before going about it’s own business.

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(( Part of the current story line)) 

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(Mod Note: I didn’t forget about the 300 milestone art, I’ll be starting those next, just stay tuned.)

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Added this re-upload for my good pal Dream Baker. :3 

You are one of my favorite too. 

(( This is my dear friend Spectrum Flash she is from my home town and an amazing illustrator her works are beautiful and she gives wonderful art advice too, please go follow her.))  

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We are clydesdales. We have a bond, yo.


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